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Tutorialkey 2007 Series Photoshop Designer: Fantasy Portraits


From: Orion Williams

Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS2



February 21, 2008

2:18 PM CST

Dear Photoshop Friend,

Wouldn't it be great to know how to create professional looking Fantasy Portraits in Photoshop?  I'm talking about the kind of quality that you WANTED to stretch your creative results to but JUST DIDN'T KNOW HOW YET?


"Even before Friday I let you know that I'm very interested and will buy

that DVD who is so promising..!!" -Roger



I don't know about you, but I used to be secretly jealous and amazed at fantasy designs and portraits.  They just seemed to be a lot more imaginative and creative in the realm of fantasy than other design work.

Fantasy always captured my imagination but I didn't know 'how' to always 'create it' myself.  I had NO CLUE as to 'how' it was done..I just used to 'enjoy' it.  Have you been there feeling like it was just 'out of reach'?

Up until a breakthrough, I still didn't know 'how' to create fantasy or creative designs.  (And I'm talking in Photoshop; not traditional painting).

I assume that you have Adobe Photoshop and although you're proficient in many areas you want to expand and more effectively express your creative ability and the depths of your imagination, right?

But why does it seem so difficult sometimes to 'creatively' represent your imagination? 

You're probably already a pretty decent Photoshop user but just when you thought you were getting somewhere, then you see other designs that outdo what you've done and you don't know how to bridge the gap to get similar results.

If you were like me, you've been often stuck at mental, technical or creative ROADBLOCKS within Photoshop.  This has prevented you from BREAKING through to fascinating levels that other digital artists seem to effortlessly achieve in expressing their imagination.


What would it be like to take your creativity to an entire new level?...


..To EXPRESS a deeper level of your self in an impressive visual format while breaking through creative or self-imposed technical limitations? 


You already know that Photoshop is a powerful companion waiting to be harnessed. 


And we know that

a picture is worth 'a thousand words'


"Orion!  Thank you for your reply and I look forward to this. Have a great day.

Your work is again fantastic!!" -George


Isn't it time to unleash your creative desires and ambitions into REALITY? 


And what better way than to learn how to design FANTASY DESIGN PORTRAITS?


Imagine the direction your own portfolio can go (whether you favor this genre or not)!? 


There is a lot to learn from different genres of design that will help you become more versatile in your creative abilities.


Fantasy Portraits are a great way to express your creativity and imagination!  They're a lot of FUN to make AND can be a great homage to a loved one or your favorite hero or heroine.


Up until now there just wasn't another way to actually learn 'how to' design fantasy portraits (I never found it), but fortunately there is now!


(yes I got crazy with the butterflies but i am teaching you how to do all kinds of things


Are you ready?!  It is time.


I'm Orion Williams, a Professional Photoshop user who has had countless aspiring graphic designers look up to me to learn from what I can teach them. 


Those days of my creative struggling are long since over; I have TOO many ideas running in my head and not enough time to produce them all.  I'm here to offer you some great Photoshop tutorials and graphic design training insight.




▪  I have trained 100,000's of Photoshop user's worldwide with my online Photoshop tutorials, Photoshop websites and supplemental training products with great customer service and 100's of testimonials.

▪  I have been to 3 PhotoshopWorld Conferences and have been a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) for several years.  I've been featured on top tutorials websites

  Educational institutions and professional teachers have bought and used my training programs

  I am an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop CS2


Adobe Certified Expert


▪  I am also a professional and versatile graphic designer who leads by example and has spent 1,000's of hours in Photoshop.

  I have learned how to effectively 'teach' Photoshop skills to even beginning Photoshop users


So let's continue on...



I want to give you the opportunity to more effectively fulfill your own creative ambitions in Photoshop...

..To open up limitless creative possibilities for you with Photoshop whether for an ultimate Hobby or as a Creative Professional.



I can teach you creative Fantasy Design elements and techniques in Photoshop CS2. 


"Wow! killer designs i'm lovin what I've seen so far I'm a big science fiction guy! Your da best! you have topped your self once again!"    -digi D



And to do so, what better way than to actually work on real fantasy design tutorials as projects? 


You can see those projects on this page.


My Photoshop Designer 'design projects' are now all done and taught 'from scratch'.  That means I start with a blank new Photoshop document (or one photo).  You even see me get to choose new photos and elements 'live'.


The focus here is on the Fantasy Tutorials but you will also be able to use and draw from these techniques in other areas of your design work as you gain more Photoshop power.


I NEVER EVER have the 'new project' or 'blank document' syndrome anymore; rather I'm just flowing with creativity because I know how to use Photoshop and a certain type of element to start getting somewhere professional very fast (within seconds). 


This is what you get to learn from me and you get it 'LIVE' within the creative process itself. 


There's TOO many creative options as you'll realize...and too many exciting ways to bring together pro results to be stuck anguishing over 'how' to do it! 


Too many creative options is a GOOD problem to have and no more mental anguish for you in the creative process when you 'know how'.


WE COMPLETELY BREAK THROUGH 'blank document' syndrome and move straight into massive PRO results within MINUTES (sometimes seconds as I teach you).


You'll have all kinds of useable 'how-to' knowledge at your fingers to start producing great creative art work yourself and without imposing limitations on your own creativity or mental roadblocks.


What would it be like to hang your OWN FANTASY PORTRAIT prints on the wall, send to friends or add to your portfolio? 


People will be amazed at what you can do!  It will seem 'out of this world' but you know 'how to' do it and without taking up too much time.


Yet, many digital fantasy artists had to figure it out THEMSELVES...and guess what?  They are RARELY going to 'share' their secrets that they spent so much time and energy on. 


You're just stuck left to figure things out on your own in frustration taking up OODLES of precious time.


A long time ago, I also felt frustration when wasting WAY too much time on some aspect of Photoshop to get the design the way I wanted and it yielded sub-par results..I WASN'T HAPPY.  Thank goodness those days are GONE.


Isn't it time for those days to be gone for you to and take your imagination and APPLY it to phenomenal results in Photoshop?! 


How about doing it FAST..VERY FAST and at PROFESSIONAL levels?!

Isn't it time for people to glance at your portfolio collection and be amazed'

Hey O,
You did your thing on those Fantasy designs.I think this is some of your best work that I have seen.  I've started my own series of Fantasy Designs I've finished one and last week I received photo's and request for four more.  This was right on time. -Ronald.

It's easy to create fantastic, romantic and emotionally inspiring results when you know how and it's a skill that keeps on giving and growing.  It will sustain your creative design abilities in other areas as well.

So, how do you acquire this level of skill to use Photoshop to create pro Fantasy Portrait Designs!?...

Learn from someone who is doing it...

Learn with my latest training program: the

TutorialKey 2007 Photoshop Designer Series:

Fantasy Portrait Design 

Video Tutorials Training in Photoshop CS2

It's over 4 hours of training on 3 DVD's including a dozen design projects to learn from.


In this Fantasy tutorials training you get to get into my actual 'flow' as I design fantasy portraits and fantasy projects 'live' including the designs on this page. 



And Guess what?


I actually make 'some' mistakes (though not too many)!!  Yes; I'm real.  Most importantly is not only do you get to 'flow' at my professional level and learn straight from it how to produce these results yourself but


you also get to see how Orion Williams' handles creative design challenges, problems and issues 'head on'.


You get to see how I DEAL with (and technically and mentally RESOLVE)  the same issues you go through in YOUR design process because I'm creating the designs 'live' while I'm teaching you. 


We all get setbacks but being able to effectively 'push through' and get 'back on track' with the techniques and principles I teach you will be priceless.


It will save you a lot of wasted time, frustration, trial and error


because we have to deal with them somehow to get to the end result 


Not only will we minimize the mental and creative roadblocks by operating at a higher level of Photoshop power, but you'll know how to 'handle' difficult issues for yourself to effectively resolve them and move on (creatively, technically and mentally so you DON'T get 'creative 'block'' again).


What I've learned over the years in ANY area of study is if you want to accelerate yourself FAST; learn from the best.  Learn from those who PRODUCE the results that YOU'RE looking for. 


Get yourself in RELATION TO their teachings and it will leverage your time and talent.  You can then create GREAT designs within a few minutes even (and take your time for mastering a project).



If you love fantasy or are even just intrigued by it, this is just a no-brainer to purchase RIGHT NOW (especially because there is little to NO training on this subject matter that you could find out there).  It will pay for itself in end-result value of your work many times over.




I am teaching you the core elements and advanced creative processes to use in Photoshop for fantasy portrait design.  Fortunately, it's not as difficult as it seems..


The tools and actions to take are only SECONDARY to the creative process itself.




Being a technical Photoshop whiz who knows the meaning behind each engineered application of the tools doesn't mean much CREATIVELY if you still can't design or get great END results.


Fantasy Portrait Design video tutorials will show you HOW to apply Photoshop and combine it's power tools to get creative results.


The possibilities are limitless from what I teach you in this program ALONE. 




You'll be able to design immediately in Photoshop even from within the first hour of the

Fantasy Portrait

Tutorials Training DVD's



Within the training program I also give you the single most important secret of all professional graphic artists and producers.  I consistently use it throughout the program and you see HOW I use it.


You can instantly start using that knowledge to boost your own creative results dramatically.


If you already have some Photoshop experience then you will be fine.  More advanced users will catch on very fast. 


It shouldn't take that long at all because I teach you all kinds of in's and out's, what to use, what not to use or do and I even teach you the creative thought process that is going through my mind throughout an entire design project...you can easily keep up with me the first time through.


I teach you 'how to think' and effectively operate Photoshop within this 'genre' of design WHILE doing and fulfilling the technical requirements necessary to get the diverse level of professional results you're looking for!



You'll probably want to keep these secrets to yourself for your benefit...in this program I show you HOW to harness certain types of elements (consciously chosen) and how to pull together the professional digital art results through an expert knowledge and use of Photoshop and it's powerful tools.


It's time to let Your creative ambition actualize onto the monitor in front of you!



Again, the problem you will find as I did, is that you're going to have a hard time finding anyone who will share these advanced Photoshop skills.  There just weren't any of these Photoshop video tutorials in existence (until recently)! 

It IS now possible for you to gain these exact same Photoshop skills and I'm here to tell you that, yes you can be one of them and achieve professional results with Photoshop. 

You will be amazed at how simple it actually is through how I teach you despite 'looking' very advanced. That's what separates amateurs from pro's. 

You'll learn how to operate a 'alpha levels' of Photoshop and find that it's even easier than what you USED to be doing.

Do you have years of your time to go the traditional route, spending thousands of dollars at a design school to find out if it's truly for you or not?  (I don't think they even teach this anyways?)  Or do you just want to have the 'REAL WORLD' skills of top quality digital artists near-immediately

Don't waste any more of your time...

trying to figure out how to produce the designs if you 'just don't know' how to use Photoshop to get these results because it could drive you mad!  Not only am I an experienced Photoshop user and Adobe Certified Expert, I'm also a professional graphic designer AND a tutorial 'teacher'. 

All of these tutorials are done 'step by step' and I explain what I'm doing and how to synergize the design together in the process from start to finish.

What a great opportunity to LEARN how to create Fantasy Designs yourself.  Imagine what you can start doing with this new information in your creative professional Photoshop use!  You can start seeing results INSTANTLY.

Just leverage my abilities to accelerate your learning curve! 

Step by step, tool by tool in 'realtime'.

The DVD's will play on a computer (PC or Mac) that has a dvd drive and a dvd software player or on a regular t.v. dvd player.  They will also work in Europe or Australia, etc.

Here are just a few specific benefits that you will learn w/ TutorialKey 2007 PSDesigner Series:

Fantasy Portrait Design DVD's:

●  Knowing what  Photoshop tools to use - You will find that fantasy creative artists use specific tools A LOT more than others, in fact some tools remain virtually untouched in Photoshop.  Know which tools and HOW TO USE THEM to get creative professional results in fantasy portrait design. 

The tools ARE secondary to the creative process and as an Adobe Certified Expert with TONS of experience, you'll see how a pro uses the tools that exist IN Photoshop to get great results.

Just think of how much time you'll save not having to figure all of this out on your own.  

The Help Manual doesn't come close to showing you real world design.

●  Creative Fantasy Artistic Thought Process - This is a priceless education you're going to receive during the tutorials training on getting the broader picture as I go along teaching you exactly what to do in Photoshop to apply the fantasy idea INTO REALITY  

●  Keyboard Shortcuts that are consistently reiterated during the training process so it becomes natural and can save you tremendous amounts of Production time.  

●  Custom Brushes: Learn how to create & use custom designed digital brushes to add fantasy effect to your designs

●  Advanced Blending Modes: I show you how to creatively EXPLOIT the blending modes to such amazing results you probably didn't know they were capable of.  These are very important in many fantasy designs.  I show you exactly how to do it to create near-UNLIMITED artistic variations.

●  What Images to Use: I show you my own 'Fantasy Folder' in Adobe Bridge..you will see the EXACT types of photos, images and elements that get you PRIMED to start producing great Fantasy design from the VERY start.  I don't HIDE THEM.  Through the training you should start seeing all kinds of great ideas in your mind just from looking at my own Fantasy folder 'Bridge'.  This really empowers you to know what to look for to get things going IMMEDIATELY.  The value of this alone is worth the cost of the program because you get RIGHT into the 'toolbox' of working like a pro instead of diddling around getting mediocre results not knowing what to use.

●  Independent Creative Thought: Through what I teach you, you will know how to start seeing what will potentially work in a design before you get into Photoshop.  ALL professional visual artists do this.  You will know what types of photos/layers will potentially work in your design and what to avoid.  You will be able to think 'on your own' creatively instead of just duplicating what I'm doing.  It's important that I give you the skills to apply to creating your own original or inspired works.

Working with complex layers

And of course MUCH MUCH MORE!

You will GREATLY increase your creative and fantasy design skills to create your OWN original works



These tutorials are guaranteed to enhance your Photoshop and creative graphic design skills.  Not only that, you will understand a lot more about how to take your own photography and Photoshop work into another dimension!

Weddings, Portraits, Montages, Studio shots, favorite memories, vacation photos, family albums, pet photos, landscape photos, sunsets...

take them all into the digital FANTASY realm and make your friends, heroes and family larger than life with the Fantasy Portrait Design DVD Tutorials Training.

You can easily follow along as I am showing you step-by-step how to produce different designs and teaching you how to take what you're learning so that you can start getting high quality results yourself. 

If you're an active creative professional, get this program NOW and DON'T tell your competition.  You're guaranteed to learn all kinds of new ways to approach your design work.  Besides, it's cheap compared to any other type of 'education'!  This is the real world good stuff that gets results.  Order Below

Questions from Others

Q: "Do the DVDs (both the art poster and the fantasy) come with access to all of the images used in the tutorials. Thank you for your time" -Chris H.


  A: Most of the images will not be available.  Many of them are from photos.com and I can't re-release those images however you can acquire the same images with a Photos.com subscription.  The main photo model I use has said the distribution of her images may be possible; if they become available I will update all customers as to where to download.  Otherwise you'll be able to get similar results by finding similar photos and elements as I teach you in the program.



Q: "Hi Orion, is it possible to prepaid, as I will be out on Friday, and I sure want to get this one. Is it possible to download the product, or do I have to wait for the DVD to come. It would be better to download it, as I live in Canada, and sometimes it can be a bit of a while to send over the border.  Thanks in advance, and if you want I can pay by paypal. -L. Smith


  A: Sorry, no pre-orders on this one.  You will have to order the actual DVD's although maybe in the future I can have 4 hours of tutorials on streaming video off the internet but not yet.



Q: "Hi Orion, will your Fantasy Tutorial include instructions for Mac's?? I kind of think that was the reason why I didn't buy any of your other tutorials, if I am incorrect in thinking that they are for PC's only please let me know." Thanks a lot, J. Dunnett


  A: The training is done in the PC format but as far as Photoshop 'operations' there is little difference between a Mac and a PC.  I just happen to have a PC although during the training I make some references to desiring a Mac.  It's for both MAC and PC users and the dvd's will play on your computer with a dvd drive and good software player.


So let's wrap this up here.

Just how much is this TutorialKey 2007: Fantasy Portrait Tutorials Training going to cost you?

..Training that will:

1. Save dozens or 100's of Hours of your own time.. (depending your current skill level) time from trying putzing around in Photoshop trying to figure out how to create professional designs on your own

2. Save you from searching for other programs (or investing in them) hoping they have really cool Fantasy and creative montage design techniques yet are just teaching more of the 'basics' everyone knows but DOESN'T APPLY DIRECTLY TO CREATIVE PROFESSIONAL DESIGN

3. Save you from seeking down other fantasy design professionals and begging them for their hard-earned Photoshop secrets and design techniques (or paying them a lot of money to tell you)

And don't forget the value of creating your own Fantasy Portraits .jpegs or prints that you can display and be proud of. 

So, what is the cost of the program that will show YOU the inside Photoshop training (from scratch) to create your own Fantasy Portrait designs?

Special Price

(A $119.95 value)

Your investment today is only $59.95

And when you order now you'll also receive


BONUS ITEM #1 (instant access):  

42 Photoshop Design + 60 Basic Photoshop Tutorials 

on printable PDF format (613 pages).  ($49 Value)


Below are 3 of the 42 design tutorials featured.

Magazine layout design


And for a limited time only you'll also receive the Photoshop Downloads Package. 

This I will be taking offline every now and then so you must order NOW in order to guarantee you get all of these bonuses.  I cannot guarantee they will be here tomorrow.


BONUS ITEM #2 (instant access): 

All New Photoshop Downloads Package

($29 retail)

Including everything you see listed below on the .jpeg from my PhotoshopDownloads.com website


Tons of royalty-free Photoshop Downloads for you to use in your work.

All customers can ask me any technical or creative Photoshop question simply by email


Click here for 200 more testimonials







I want to make this offer even more irresistible for you to make this small investment in your future so read this exclusive guarantee on the Tutorialkey 2007 Fantasy Portrait Design Product...


Take 3 full months to examine, exploit and put this training to work for you so you can spend your time getting high quality creative work done in Photoshop.  That's right. 

You can take 90 days to put the training to use and test it out for yourself.  Learn and use as much as you can.  I'm confident you'll NEVER want to send it back!  You should think it's at least worth twice what you paid for it or you can send it back for a full refund within 90 days.


You can keep the PhotoshopDownloads & 102 add'l tutorial bonuses no matter what you decide.


But if you aren't satisfied for any reason, you don't like my use of colorful images, or it just doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't lose anything.  Just return the DVD's and I'll refund your entire payment - right up to day # 90!  That's how confident I am in the level and quality of this training and how much I know it's going to help you with Photoshop 'uptime' and not 'downtime'.  100% 90 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed.  It's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.

P.S. To date, There have been ZERO refund returns on the first 2007 PSDesigner Product: Art Poster or the Fantasy Portrait Design!  That is a testament to the quality and value of the TutorialKey 2007 Series Products

So what are you waiting for?!

Start unleashing your ability to create Fantasy Portraits in Photoshop CS/CS2 (even CS3) today

Impress Yourself by what YOU can do in Photoshop with your own images (and the images you acquire).  You will learn a BROAD range of creative skills in this training.

If you're interested in this genre of design at all (then you've been looking for this) or want to massively have a BURST of creativity in your Photoshop abilities, then I see no other choice.  100% Money-Back guarantee.

It's up to you...keep straining to 'figure it out' with less-than-desired results or leverage powerful creative Photoshop training to start seeing Pro results FAST.

TutorialKey Photoshop Designer 2007 Series:

Fantasy Portrait Design Product Info

- 4 hours of Intermediate PS Level 'Fantasy Portrait' Photoshop Tutorials Training 'from scratch' on 3 DVD's
- Sturdy 3-pack DVD case for storing your Discs
- User-friendly menu based interface for easy navigation of Photoshop Tutorials

- International shipping available

- Taught by Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS2: Orion Williams

- When you order now you'll also INSTANTLY receive (free of charge) the downloadable PhotoshopDownloads Package via email (which includes 102 Tutorials Training Tutorials on PDF and hundreds of usable & royalty-free Photoshop downloads, Photoshop CS tips & more)

 Click Below to Buy Now

 Only $59.95 USD (+S&H) 


You will proceed to my Secured.com secure and safe order page.

(after you place your order, make sure you click the confirmation email

to join the 'fantasyportraits' customer list to get the bonuses)








or via Paypal

or International Paypal Orders Below

*Your Receipt will say 'Dreamcore Productions, Ltd.'

Accept Credit Cards Online


Thanks for your time and best creative wishes!  I look forward to making a HUGE impact in UNLEASHING your own END RESULT CREATIVITY in Photoshop and I look forward to hearing YOUR success story. 

Feel free to ask me any questions: orion@photoshopdesigner.com  I have over 200 positive testimonials that relate to the quality of my products and service. 


Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS2



p.s. Remember if you don't act now, you could forever pass up this chance to explode your ability as a creative fantasy digital artist AND lose out on the instantly available Bonus Downloads which you can be using in 2 minutes!  If you want to enjoy the fulfillment that comes with producing a great work of digital art, then don't pass it by.




p.p.s. You're not going to receive the in-depth training like this on HOW-TO-ACTUALLY-DESIGN from many other Photoshop or digital experts.  They'll tell you tips, tricks and techniques but synergizing them together in the actual digital design process?  Get the results you dream of and unleash your imagination. 


Click here to order Fantasy Portraits now>>


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I have attended 3 PhotoshopWorld Conferences.




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